Student Patrol Guard Saves Child From Being Hit By A Car!


An 11-year-old school patrol guard in Rockville acted quickly on the job, possibly saving the life of a younger boy when a driver blew past a stop sign.

Jarius, a 5th grader, was at his post in April when a school bus stopped and deployed its stop sign. A group of kids was waiting on the opposite side of the road, waiting to cross and board the bus.

Video from the bus shows the driver of a black car disregarding the sign and zooming through the intersection, just as Ryan went to cross.

Jaris noticed the situation and reached out to stop Ryan.

With the disaster averted, the kids then safely ran across the street and boarded the bus.

On the eve of summer vacation, both boys' families gathered Tuesday when the Montgomery County Police Department presented Jarius with a special award.

Jarius may have saved Ryan's life, and the school bus camera ensured justice was served. Using the footage, police found the driver and issued a $250 fine, Capt. Thomas Didone said.

Source: NBC 4

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