Mid-Afternoon Is The Best Time To Have Couple Time!

Sure, it really seems like there’s no WRONG time to have sex. There are plenty of options for having sex during the day, but guess what? While it’s super common to do your deeds in the nighttime hours, daytime sex may actually be the best time for it all. In fact, there’s actually a prime time to get it on.


Instead of whipping out your sexy lingerie before a nice night out on the town so it’s ready for you when you get back, maybe you should consider getting your sexy time clothes out a little earlier. According to hormone expert Alisa Vitti, having sex during the day is the prime time for your hormones. And around 3pm is when men have the most elevated levels of estrogen in their bodies, which means they’re more emotionally present during sex.

Sure, we all work day jobs that make it difficult to be having sex regularly at 3pm. But when you have a nice lazy Sunday to just hang around with your boo, consider setting an alarm for the late afternoon hours. You’re going to want to get your sexy time in while your man is at his prime.

Source: Metro

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