We Are Getting Lazier By The Generation!


Britons consider anything more than a 30-minute walk to be "too far" to do on foot, according to research.

In a study of 2,000 adults, 40 per cent admitted they would not be willing to walk more than a mile to get somewhere, opting for an alternative form of transport instead, and a further 74 per cent have been put off walking somewhere simply because it was raining. Similarly, four in 10 are more likely to take a lift rather than climb just one flight of stairs – with four flights being the most the average adult would tackle.

The survey found three quarters of British people feel they ought to do more walking than they currently do. A fifth of respondents believe they simply don’t have the time to walk and have to drive to make the most of the hours in their day.

Many health experts, including the NHS, suggest 10,000 steps per day is an ideal amount to walk – the equivalent of about five miles.


However, Brits estimate their own average daily footfall at just 5,836 steps – a little over half of what they should be doing for optimum fitness. In comparison, they spend more than 16-and-a-half hours a week sitting on their sofa - more than two hours per day. Seven in 10 also say they wouldn’t be able to run a mile without getting out of breath.

A huge 88 per cent of respondents also believe that, as a nation, the British walk less than they have ever done before.

Geoffrey Dennis mentioned tha: “It seems people in Britain today are walking far less than in past generations.

"Busy lifestyles and the fact that the majority of households now own a car are just some of the factors behind this. But, when it comes to walking, it’s clear we generally have a choice – and many people like to walk for fitness or pleasure. Working animals in developing countries – and the owners who walk beside them – don’t have that luxury.

Source: Independent UK

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