It Takes Parents This Long During Summer Break To Go Crazy!


Stressed-out parents want summer to end after just 13 days, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 parents examined how they cope with the school summer break and found it takes less than two weeks for moms and dads to feel the stress take its toll.

The pressure to entertain is great. More than half of parents (58 percent) find themselves pressured to plan out what their kids will do for the entirety of their summer.

And planning ahead can be daunting, which can explain why 75 percent of parents feel ready for their kids to go back to school at the end of the summer.

In fact, 64 percent of parents have felt like they were letting their kid down because they wanted them to do, see, or have something one of their friends had or experienced as well.

So what kinds of things are causing parents to be filled with guilt? It turns out that the number one reason for PSG (Parental Summer Guilt) was when their kids stayed in the house rather than getting out and about.


Although parents are feeling pressure to go on nice summer vacations, it doesn’t seem like they are holding back on spending money for their kids to have an epic summer break.

Throughout the entire summer, parents will shell out an average of $7,333.80 on making sure their kids are having the time of their lives.

Keeping kids entertained is integral for parents. Taking them to the movies, going to the zoo or animal park, bowling, and going camping or sending the kids camping were just some of the many ways that parents were able to get their kids out of the house during the summer.

So why are parents choosing these types of activities for their kids? It turns out that the most important factor for parents was having quality family time.


Other factors included cost-effectiveness, teaching children something or experiencing other cultures and things, they get a good balance of relaxation and culture, and that the kids will ultimately have things to show or talk about with all their friends when they finally get back to school.

Top 5 ways to get kids out the house

  • Go to a water park/ amusement park

  • Go to the movies

  • Go to the zoo/animal park

  • Bowling

  • Go camping/ send the kids camping

Top 5 factors for deciding how to plan kids’ summer break

  • That it will lead to quality family time

  • That it’s cost-effective

  • That it’ll teach the children something/ they’ll experience other cultures/ things

  • That they get a good balance of relaxation and culture

  • That the kids will have things to show/talk about with their friends when they get back

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