Most Popular Plastic Surgery Where You Live!

Whether or not you’d actually ever go under the knife, you’ve probably at least thought about getting a cosmetic procedure before. Or maybe you’re dead set against plastic surgery for yourself, but you’re just a little curious if your neighbor is looking so good because she had a little work done. And thanks to a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, we now know the most popular plastic surgeries in each region of the country.

The report doesn’t break down each state’s top preferences for procedures, but it does give the big picture for regional trends. Western states, like California and Oregon, breast and chin augmentations are most popular, but in the Midwest, folks in states like Kansas and Minnesota are more likely to get lip reductions - yep, reductions. So satisfy your curiosity and check out what plastic surgeries people are getting most where you live.



  • Breast augmentation 36%

  • Chin augmentation 36%

  • Forehead lift 34%


  • Lip reduction 36%

  • Butt lift 32%

  • Dermabrasion 30%


  • Hair transplant 46%

  • Cheek implant 43%

  • Butt implants 23%


  • Butt implants 28%

  • Calf augmentation 28%

  • Pectoral implants 28%


  • Male breast reduction 33%

  • Lower body lift 30%

  • Nose reshaping 29%

Source: Marie Claire

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