Average Sleep Mothers Get A Night!

A new survey commissioned by sleep technology brand Simba finds that new parents really aren’t getting any sleep, which doesn’t surprise anyone who’s ever spent time caring for a newborn. Their research shows that new parents get an average of four hours and 44 minutes of sleep a night for the first 12 months of their child’s life. And that adds up to them losing the equivalent of 50 nights of sleep total.

Of course, being sleep-deprived can take its toll on the parents individually, but it can strain their relationship, too. Over two-thirds of respondents admit to fighting with their partner about their baby’s poor sleeping habits. And everything is that much worse when everyone just needs more sleep.


Luckily, the survey offers up some suggestions for dealing with sleep issues. Here’s how they send their little ones off to snooze town:

  • Warm milk

  • Sticking to routines

  • Gentle rocking motion

  • Pacifier

  • Warm bath

  • Comfort blanket

  • Reading

  • Gentle bouncing

  • Singing

  • Giving baby a favorite toy

And since most parents have probably tried all of these and then some when trying to deal with an overtired infant who won’t go to sleep, here’s bit of light at the end of the tunnel: research shows that most babies are sleeping nine to twelve hours by six months, so it does get better.

Source: Women's Health

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