Here Is A New Take On A "To-Do" List To Actually Get Stuff Done!

Sometimes it take a life change for a great idea to be born. Author Jake Knapp left a great job with Google Ventures to become a writer. Lofty goal, right? It was when he followed the traditional to-do list process. Too many things were prioritized the same.


That’s when he figured out the “Burner List.” Think of it as a stove top!

  • The Front left burner is on the left column of your list. Only one project goes there. But you leave blank space for the to-dos that go with it.

  • The Back Burner is in the right column and your second priority project goes here. One item only!

  • The Kitchen Sink is where your least important action items go. They have nothing to do with the Front or Back burner lists. Limit what goes here.

Here’s why it works; you won’t try to do everything at once. Human beings are not, despite what you’ve heard, multi-taskers. As a bonus, the list helps us say “no” more.

Source: NBC News

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