People Are Taking Out Loans To Go On Vacations!

So you want to go on a vacation to Hawaii or even Disney, but you can’t handle the big expense all at once? It used to be that you just didn’t go until the money was in the bank. Times are changing and now you can pay over time.


Lenders are popping up that help you specifically pay for your fun over time. You can even pay for your airfare that way. There are plenty of companies like Affirm, UpLift, Airfordable, and PayDelay. Remember, though to do your research on fees and interest rates. You don’t want to pay 30% interest and strap yourself into years of payments.

Traditional lenders are getting in the game too, so rates should be getting competitive. Of course, your credit rating comes into play, so make sure it’s decent.


When is it a bad idea to take a vacation loan? For some experts, the answer is ALL THE TIME. It’s one thing to pay for a home or car over time, but a trip… It’s best to save up. After all, who wants to come back from a trip...just to keep paying for it?

Source: Market Watch

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