Pilot Forces Passengers Off By Blasting AC!

An AirAsia flight, sitting on a tarmac in a long delay waiting for take off, became a virtual vomitorium after the pilot cranked up the air conditioning to get the passengers off the plane. After a four-hour wait on a plane, you’d think the people would be clamoring to get out. Apparently not. They refused. So the pilot cranked UP the air conditioning.

Not sure why he thought that'd make them split, but when a mist filled the cabin, it got very humid and uncomfortable. And yes, people ran for the exits. But first? They started barfing and getting sick. Then there was the stampede for the doors. And the mist was so heavy, they could barely see. An oil firm director shot video and posted it to Facebook.


AirAsia’s response to the uproar? 

“AirAsia regrets the inconvenience caused to guests on account of this disruption and would like to reinstate that the airline always prioritizes safety above all. [The air conditioning] is a normal occurrence on-board all aircraft when the air conditioning is operated in high humidity conditions.”

Source: Daily Mail

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