Chilli Isn't Sure She Can Wear Floppy Hats. What Do You Think?


I have always wanted to wear a floppy hat to the beach. Every year, I sit by the ocean and admire all the women around me...looking amazing in their big hats...while I'm in a ponytail...or baseball cap. 

I've avoided buying a floppy hat, because I have big curly hair. It's hard to hide all that hair under a hat...and it often poofs out from the sides and doesn't look right. Well, I caved and bought one over the weekend. I liked the way it looked in the store...but then changed my mind after I got home. 

I decided to let other people decide whether I should keep it. Toby and Kala both said I should wear it. 

What do YOU think?

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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