Woman Discovers Her Neighbor is Actually Her Sister!


A woman who spent seven years hunting for her long-lost sister discovered she was her next-door neighbor – after spotting her name on a delivery.

Hillary Harris, 31, knew her sibling was called Dawn Johnson – then noticed that name on a post in her building. Stunned Harris plucked up the courage to ask Johnson, 50 – and they discovered that they had the same father, Wayne Clouse.

Harris and her biological brother Tyler Hardy, 33, were adopted in 1987 by Lee Hardy, 65 and his late wife Rochelle. The childcare worker began the search for her biological family when she became pregnant with her daughter Stella, now seven, in 2011.

Her adoption agency revealed the names of her birth parents but she was heartbroken to discover her father Wayne Clouse had died in 2002. When going through her file, Harris discovered her late father’s obituary, which mentioned his daughters Dawn Johnson and Renee Diericks, 49.

Harris, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, had searched for Clouse’s daughters on Facebook but had been unsuccessful in tracking them down. Then in June 2017, a woman named Dawn and her partner Kurt Casperson, 53, moved in next door. Harris thought nothing of it at first, but in August she saw Dawn’s last name on a package being delivered. It was Johnson. She struck up the courage to ask her new neighbor who her father was via text and Johnson, a lab processor, confirmed her suspicions.

Source: NY Post

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