People Weigh In On What Behaviors They Find Frugal!


A poll of 2,000 people reveals they find the following behaviors frugal:

  • 72% seeking out deal or coupons for all purchases

  • 70% regularly tracking electricity use

  • 67% buying clothes at department stores like Kmart, Walmart, etc.

  • 65% buying off-brand food products

  • 63% shopping at second-hand clothing stores

  • 62% regularly tracking the home thermostat

  • 61% watching movies at home instead of in the theatre

  • 51% only having alcohol at home

  • 51% buying no-name electronics

Here are the behaviors the same goup says are 'cheap':

  • 75% not leaving a tip at all (regardless of service)

  • 60% reusing tea bags or coffee filters

  • 52% calculating your part of a group bill to the cent

  • 49% lengthening longevity of soap by diluting soap bottles with water

  • 44% re-gifting

  • 41% always tipping 15%, even if the service is outstanding

  • 35% eating food a few days past its expiration date

  • 35% declining to be a part of rounds at the bar

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