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If you’ve always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument but it’s never moved from your “should do” list to your “making it happen” list, listen up. A drop-in “music gym” in Australia is trying to close the gap between dabbling for fun and being a full-blown pro.


The Music Gym in Melbourne, Australia offers adults-only classes that folks can dip into before or after work or even on a lunch break, just like a fitness gym. Veteran music teacher Catherine Prifti came up with the concept after noticing lots of grownups with a strong interest in learning and performing music who weren’t giving it a try because of the expense of private lessons and buying instruments.


And research shows learning a new instrument is good for us too. It can help improve motor coordination and group classes can help with socialization, too. Plus, singing has physical benefits as well, it’s associated with improved recovery from stroke and heart attacks and can help work major muscle groups in the upper body, encouraging more oxygen flow in the body.


We know that a good sweat sesh can lower stress levels, but it turns out, singing and listening to music can too. So far, The Music Gym is only down under, but fingers crossed this idea makes its way stateside soon so we can learn to play the guitar in a positive social environment, too.

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