Most Americans Fail Survey On Obesity!

We all know that carrying extra weight around isn’t good for our health, but it seems most of us are really clueless when it comes to what needs to be done to take off the extra pounds.

A new report finds that while 85% of Americans believe they know how to eat right, more than half have actually flunked the MDVIP Fat Survey about basic dietary facts and weight loss. Overall, 56% of people failed the quiz, with 32% getting a “D” and less than 1% scoring an “A.”


So, what are folks getting wrong? Well, it turns out 50% of people underestimate, and 35% don’t know, how many calories they need to burn in order to lose one pound of weight (the answer is 3,500).

When it comes to getting healthy, 75% of Americans say they’d feel better if they tried harder to stay fit, but most people are failing at it. In fact, 58% say they lack motivation to stick with a diet or exercise plan, while 55% don’t have the willpower to resist tempting foods. What’s more, 35% believe they can’t lose weight because of bad genetics. And most folks don’t seem to have hope that they can succeed at a diet even if they tried, with 64% of obese Americans believing that most diet plans will ultimately fail.

Source: MDVIP

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