The States With The Most Fast Food Restaurants!

No matter how much we know it’s bad for us, most folks just simply love fast food, and that’s pretty evident when you consider how many fast food restaurants you come across on a daily basis. There’s no doubt there are certain parts of the country where you can find a fast food restaurant on almost every block, and now a new report reveals which states are being overrun by them. 

According to Datafiniti, there are about 500,000 fast food joints across the country, and they’ve also calculated which states have the most per capita, and it turns out the South and Midwest are the best places for your fast food fix.


Overall, Alabama has the most fast food joints, about 6.3 per every 10,000 residents, while Nebraska is second with 5.4, followed by West Virginia with 5.3. As for the other end of the spectrum, Vermont has the least with 1.9 per capita, with New Jersey right behind them with 2.0.


Top Ten States With The Most Fast Food Restaurants(click here to see the complete list)

  1. Alabama 6.3 per capita

  2. Nebraska: 5.4 per capita

  3. West Virginia: 5.3 per capita

  4. Oklahoma: 5.3 per capita

  5. Tennessee: 5.2 per capita

  6. Indiana: 5.0 per capita

  7. Washington, DC: 5.0 per capita

  8. Georgia: 4.9 per capita

  9. Missouri: 4.9 per capita

  10. South Carolina: 4.9 per capita

Source: Thrillist

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