This Airline Has A New Seat For Couples!


Being seated in business class does make the whole flying experience more enjoyable, since you get to avoid most of the cranky baby noise and such, but now Qatar Airways is making it even better. They’ve added a new luxury Business Class seat, the Qsuite, so “couples can begin the romantic ambience at 40,000 feet in the air.”

Beginning next month, the Qsuite will be the first of its kind available on Australian flight paths. It features double beds “allowing couples to snuggle up and watch a movie” in private cabins with “panels you can slide shut with a do not disturb button to allow quality time.”

The Qsuite also has mood lighting, all kinds of entertainment options on widescreen monitors, plush sleepwear, and a specially designed a-la-carte menu. So if you want romance in the sky, this is the place to make it happen, you just need the flow to fly business class.

Source: Whimn

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