Vacations Do Not Leave You Feeling Refreshed!

Taking a week, or even a few days out of the office for vacation can certainly put anyone in a good mood, but it turns out all those positive effects of a few days without work don’t actually last long.

There’s no doubt taking vacation time is a positive thing, with a new survey finding that 68% say they return to work with a more positive mood, while 66% have more energy, 57% have more motivation and 67% are less stressed. And that positive outlook definitely affects a person’s job, with 58% of folks saying they are more productive, while 55% feel their work quality is better.


Unfortunately, for quite a few people, those positive effects are fleeting. In fact, the poll finds that 24% of workers say the positive effects disappear as soon as they return to work, while 40% say they only last a few days. 

Of course, not everyone returns from vacation relaxed and rejuvenated, because they aren’t exactly relaxing on their trip. The poll finds that 21% of people say they're tense and stressed out on vacation, while 28% tend to work more than they planned, and 42% say they dread returning to work.

Source: News Wise

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