Here Is How To Sleep Better With Your Partner!

As much as we love cuddling up to our partners, the snoring, heavy breathing, and blanket hogging can make sleeping with your S.O. frustrating. But being close to your beloved releases oxytocin, the “love” hormone, that can make you feel closer and help you sleep more soundly. So here are a few ways to make sleeping with your sweetheart better for your health and your relationship, according to a sleep science expert.

  • Say no to technology - Keeping devices out of the bedroom means you won’t try to sneak screen time before bed, which can keep you from a good night’s sleep, and it also prevents “phubbing,” or snubbing your sweetie for your phone.

  • Get the right mattress - Certified sleep science coach Chris Brantner explains that you’ll want to buy one that’s big enough for you both to sleep comfortably, one that minimizes motion transfer so you won’t wake each other up when you roll over, and one that works with your sleeping styles so you both snooze well.

  • Use separate blankets - Snuggling up to your S.O. under a blanket is nice, but when it comes to sleep, why turn that snuggle into a tug of war for the covers? If you each have your own, everybody wins.

  • Have sex before bed - A study from Australia finds that getting it on before bed leads to better sleep. Sex releases endorphins and dopamine, which both help lower stress and calm the body, Brantner says.

  • Have the same bed time - Our sleep expert points out that 75% of couples don’t go to bed together, which isn’t ideal because he says the time you fall asleep together is crucial for intimacy. Research shows couples whose sleep patterns are mismatched report more disagreement, less serious conversation, and less sex, which can all affect sleep quality. So find a bed time that you both agree on and stick to it.

Source: PopSugar

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