This is the Age That Kids Should Start Piano Lessons!

If you’re planning to sign your little one up for piano lessons, a new study reveals that kids should be taking piano lessons at a certain age. The research shows that early piano lessons can help them with language skills, but this study went further than previous ones to pinpoint the particular age when it would be most beneficial for children to learn to play the piano.


Researchers from MIT looked at 45 Mandarin-speaking Chinese four and five-year-old kids and divided them into three groups: one was given 45 minutes of reading instruction, another had 45 minutes of piano lessons, and the last group was allowed to hang out for that amount of time. And at the end of six months, the three groups didn’t have a noticeable difference in their cognitive ability, except the kids who got piano lessons, who were far better at picking up subtle differences in the way words are spoken.


This study was done’ with kids who speak Mandarin, a language that can can be difficult to understand because it has so many subtle but important differences in tone. But it’s pretty amazing that giving your child the chance to learn the different notes and pitches from the piano at four or five can help them pick up on small differences in words. These findings were significant enough to the school in Beijing where the study took place that they’ve continued to offer piano lessons to young students.

Source: Romper

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