Fights Do Happen In The Operating Room!

Having to undergo surgery is pretty serious for most people, but apparently, the folks doing the surgery don’t necessarily feel the same way. It turns out, most surgeons are far from professional once they get into an operating room. 

A new study from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, reveals the behavior of those in the operating room and it’s likely to have most people shocked. First off, while patients are going under the knife a lot of fighting is going on between surgeons and assistants, with researchers discovering that one in every 40 interactions between surgical staff is a fight or argument.

But that’s not all, the staff is also likely to be flirting, gossiping, dancing, making jokes about patients and even throwing things across the room. For example during one surgery, staff was basically playing basketball with garbage and a bin and then celebrating when it went in. In another instance, a doctor insulted a patient calling them “gigantic” and suggesting they’d need ten people to help move her.


As for why there are so many arguments, researcher Dr. Laura Jones suggests it all comes down to status and “ego,” especially when it comes to high ranking male surgeons trying to prove they are the dominant figure in the operating room. In fact, main surgeons were responsible for 118 out of 175 arguments observed. What’s more, there seems to be fewer arguments when there are more women in the room.

Of course not everything was bad. The study found that 59% of interactions between medical staffers in the operating room were positive and cooperative.

Source: Daily Mail

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