How Employees Deal With Being Hungover At Work!


A poll of an undisclosed number of U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 19% of workers said they will be "extra tired" or "hungover" on Thursday, July 5th

  • That includes 30% of millennials polled (defined as ages 24 to 37)

  • 50% of employees said they are taking a couple of days off right before and after the holiday this week

  • 63% say they'll take Thursday (July 5th) off

  • 61% say they'll take Friday (July 6th) off

  • Also, 31% said they took Monday (July 2nd) off

  • And 39% say they took off yesterday (July 3rd)

  • 20% of managers griped that they were overwhelmed with vacation requests for this week

  • And 14% of employees said they resent how their employer treated vacation time this week (that includes 23% of millennials)

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