Taylor Swift May Have A Big Announcement After Her Tour!

Taylor Swift’s friends and family apparently approve of her current beau Joe Alwyn. In fact, a new report claims they want her to marry him, and that just may happen sooner than we think.

“Everyone in Taylor’s camp is buzzing with excitement right now about her and Joe, after Taylor told them they have some news,” an insider tells Britain’s “Reveal” magazine. 


“She’s planning a huge family get-together for when her tour comes to a close. It will be held at her home in Nashville later this year, and rumors are flying around that this could be an engagement party, or even a surprise wedding.”

And if they do indeed get hitched, it seems both Joe and Taylor’s family will be happy about it. “His (Joe’s) family think she’s absolutely wonderful and would be over the moon if they got married,” a source shares. “Similarly, Taylor’s parents think Joe is a true English gentleman, and miles better than the other men she’s brought home.”

Source: music-news.com

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