Disney Wants More Movies With Girl Role Models!


Disney Princesses aren’t just damsels anymore. They’re going to help aspiring young girls reach their goals…and perhaps inspire others along the way. The 

#DreamBigPrincess initiative will give 21 young women from 13 countries the opportunity to share the story of a role model.

And considering almost nine in ten women set higher goals for themselves in the presence of a hero, it’s a kind of thank you.

Disney is teaming up with the UN Foundation’s Girl Up program to pair the girls with female leaders that they’ll interview. The short films will become a series and will also raise awareness. For every public share of a photo or video with “#DreamBigPrincess” on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Disney will give one buck to the Girl Up. Donations cap at one-million dollars.

Writer/director Jennifer Lee, who helmed “Frozen,” is thrilled to be part of the project. She wants to make sure girls know anything is possible.

Source: Moneyish

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