Women Expect Expensive Rings From Ugly Partners!

Research shows women expect a pricier ring with a big stone if they think their partner is ugly. Conversely, men are more likely to splash out on a flashy rock if their wife-to-be is beautiful, scientists found (stock image)

Scientists at Western Oregon University quizzed 590 people to find out whether looks influence the choice and expectations of engagement rings.

They showed participants a photo and a brief description of someone of the opposite sex who had been pre-rated as 'attractive' or 'unattractive'.

Researchers then had each subject imagine the person was their partner.

Women had to choose the smallest ring they were willing to settle for offered by the man in the photo.

In turn, male participants were asked the size of ring they would buy for their imaginary girlfriend.

The results revealed men were more willing to buy larger, more expensive rings when they imagined themselves proposing to a beautiful woman.

Researchers suggest men typically use symbols of success, including wealth, to draw in more desirable partners.


Women were found to expect more expensive rings with larger rocks if they envisioned themselves with an unattractive partner.

The findings suggests women are happy to settle for an ugly partner if he brings something else to the table, like being financially better off, researchers said.


1 - Popularity                                            

Men appear more attractive if they're popular with other women, according to scientists.

The theory is that women are especially attracted to men with partners because they are more likely to be kind and faithful - which makes them 'good mates'.

2 - Money

Women are more likely to find men attractive if they think they have a bulging wallet, a new study has found - but for men it's still all about the looks.

A recent study suggests that women are four times as sensitive to salary when considering a male partner as men are when choosing a female partner.


3 - Muscles

When it comes to what women want, muscular, tall men still win out, a recent Austrlian study suggests.

Scientists showed a group of 160 women photographs of shirtless, faceless men and asked to give them an attractiveness rating.

The results show men who looked strong, with muscular arms and toned torsos, did far better than those who had worked a little less hard at the gym.

4 - Intelligence

It seems that, for some, looks and personality really don't matter.

Nearly one in ten people find intelligence to be the most attractive feature in a partner - a trait known as sapiosexuality, according to researchers at the University of Western Australia.

Source: Daily Mail

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