People Actually Tried To Return These Items!


BuzzFeed asked its readers to share some of the funniest, most ridiculous things they've ever tried to return to store, or that someone they know has, or, if they worked in retail, that they've ever seen returned. Some of the answers they got included:

  • I bought a very large entertainment center with cabinets and drawers from Target to put together. I was nearly done constructing the unit when I decided I didn’t really like the style. So I borrowed a friend’s pick up truck and put the mostly built piece of furniture in the back and took it back to Target. Surprisingly they gave me my $$ back!

  • Saw a lady in line in front of us at Walmart customer service return an entire cart of EMPTY food containers-yogurt, juice, frozen meals, meat packaging etc,etc... and get her money back!!

  • It’s not my experience but I have a friend who works in customer service at Publix he had a woman come in to return a container of ground coffee because she didn’t like it and they opened the lid to find all the coffee was gone and replaced with potting soil

  • I worked for Nordstrom in the accessories department...and someone purchased two Burberry scarves around 395 each. Brought them home cut one of them into two pieces...attached the tags on them...and returned them to a different department. So they got their money back AND got to keep a scarf.

  • I work at Walmart, and once a guy came to me all embarrassed and was like, "all I need to return something is the receipt, right?" And I was just like, "in most cases" and so he pulls out a FREAKING FINGER VIBRATOR, unopened, and goes "it doesn't work" and I just jumped the hell away from him and called my manager and she said we had the go ahead and so I refunded it and then he tried to give it to me. My coworker handed him the trash can.

Source: BuzzFeed

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