#Trending: Gift Registries For Birthdays and Breakups!


We think about gift registries as something people set up when they're getting married or having a baby, but why does it have to be limited to that?

Racked argues that that everyone should have a gift registry that's publicly available and that they keep refreshing, which can be used for all kinds of occasions, like birthdays, holidays and graduations, as well as for times like breakups or housewarmings. 

The site suggests that possible places to set up a registry could include Amazon as well as MyRegistry, which lets you create a list for any occasion that can include a number of retailers. 

While a registry assures you'll get what you want when you get gifts, and makes it easier on those buying for you to know exactly what to get, the drawback is that it eliminates the surprise. It's up to you how important the surprise "Wow!" factor is to you, but Racked's points of view is that "Surprises are wildly overrated."

Source: Racked

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