Nap Stores Are Your New Favorite Place!

Some days people would give anything to catch some “zzz’s.” Now there’s a growing trend making it possible even during your workday. Considering that extra shut eye can earn you more money, according to a recent study, it’s worth paying attention to. Not to mention how much your body needs it to function.


Casper’s “The Dreamery” nap store is just the latest place New Yorkers can go for that respite. You can snooze for 45 minutes, get complimentary refreshments, toothbrush, toothpaste and pajamas to sleep in. You even get a private nook with a comfy Casper mattress.

Then there’s Nap York and others getting ready to open. As the trend spreads across the country, more people will be happy to drop 25 bucks for a good sleep.

Source: Moneyish

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