People Post Vacation Photos For This Reason!

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Everybody has those friends who fill their Facebook and Instagram feeds with vacation photos, and, as you suspect, a lot of them are probably doing it to make you feel bad. According to the 10th annual 2018 Vacation Confidence Index, released by Allianz Global Assistance, 65% of folks admit to posting vacation photos in order to make others jealous, and another 51% do it just to compete with others who post vacay shots.

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And it sounds like folks probably don’t have to be all that jealous because some folks aren’t necessarily being truthful with their photos. In fact, 36% of Millennials admit to deceiving followers by posting images that make their trip look better than it is. What’s more, 15% of Gen Xers and 5% of Baby Boomers are also guilty of this practice.

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But social media does play a role in influencing others’ travel choices. About 30% of all age groups say their travel plans are somewhat or very influenced by social media posts, with that number going up to 51% for Millennials. Facebook is the social media that influences people the most (49%), followed by Instagram (35%), Pinterest (19%) and Twitter (13%). 

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