#Technology - These Earrings Are Also Headphones!

We’ve all been in the boat of searching our bags for our headphones or Air Pods only to find out that we’ve left them at home or worse – lost them entirely. But luckily, there’s a startup that’s trying to solve that problem for us. Swings Bluetooth Earrings are actually headphones – but you wear them at all times and no one knows.


They look just like normal earrings except when you’re ready to blast some tunes, you swing them up to your ear and plug in. It’s really that simple! The earrings come in gold and white, silver and white, or rose gold and white. You won’t have to worry about matching them to various outfits if you have all three!


If you’re looking for a sportier version for your workouts, Swings Sport come in all black. You’re gonna get about four hours of life out of these suckers before you have to charge them again. The accessories went live on July 11th, so get out there and grab a pair!

Source: Kickstarter – Swings Bluetooth Earrings

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