You Are Not Alone! Most Americans Are On Diets!

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If you’re wondering why we’re constantly hearing about the latest diet trend, or what you need to do to take off the extra pounds, it turns out it’s because most people are in fact trying to lose weight.

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control says that between 2013 and 2016, 49% of American adults were trying to lose weight at some point within the previous year. Not surprising, the numbers are higher for women (56.4%) as compared to men (41.7%), and age also played a role with 43% of those 60 and older trying to lose weight in the past year, with that number going up to 52% for those 40 to 59, and about 50% for those 20 to 39. 

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As for how most people went about losing the weight, exercise and eating less was the most common way to take off the pounds (63%), although some said they tried to eat more produce, and increase their water intake, as well as curb their consumption of junk food, fast food and sweets. Overall, 88% said they used two or more of these strategies.

Source: Time


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