Flight Attendant Shares What To Avoid Eating On A Flight!

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to travel in first class, so we’ve learned not to expect much from in-flight dining, but according to a post on the question-and-answer site Quora, maybe we should skip the plane food altogether. User Shreyas P. claims to have been a flight attendant for five major airlines and warns about the “very unhealthy” airline meals in the thread, even if you get the vegan or raw option.

"The food on your tray is prepared not in the galley but in the aircraft catering which is often done 12 hours before and even days before the aircraft departure," Shreyas writes. "Now, how many such industries do you know where the hot or cold meal was made days before you consume it?"

She also warns to be wary of your breakfast, explaining that the scrambled egg or omelet isn’t just egg, but a mix of egg and other substitute. And it turns out even the fruit isn’t safe. “That cut fruit which is on your tray still looks fresh and how is that possible when it was cut hours before the departure.”

Because altitude affects taste buds, Shreyas P. claims airline catering really pumps up the spices, salt, and fats - “all to make your mouth happy.” She points out that’s one of the reasons the cabin crew brings their own food on board instead. So consider yourselves warned.

Source: Business Insider

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