How Old Is Too Old To Work?


A recent poll finds that 53% of workers believe they will work past 65, with 13% saying they don’t expect to retire at all. Of course, at some point, people may be seen as “too old to work,” but the survey finds that may not actually be true.

When people were asked what age they thought would be too old for someone to still be working, more than half couldn’t identify a specific age. Of those who did, 75 was the median age given. As for what age is considered “old” overall, 40% either said it depended, or wouldn’t give an age. For those who did give an age, the median age was 70.

Interestingly, baby boomers are most likely to say 75 is considered “old,” and also the age when someone is too old to work, while Gen Xer’s say 70 is old, although 75 is when they are too old to work. As you can imagine, Millennials have a totally different view of “old,” with 65 the median age, and 70 the median age when someone’s too old to work.

The survey also asked people how long they expect to live until, and the median age for all generations was 90.

Source: CBS News

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