How To Make Your Burgers Healthier!

There’s a new, super trendy way to make your burgers a little healthier. If you’re still looking to get your meat fix without going completely vegan or vegetarian on your burgers, there’s an option for you. And it involves (drum roll please) – mushrooms!


Seriously – here us out. There’s a type of burger called The Blend that’s a mixture of both beef and mushrooms. It’s a hybrid that will have you feeling like you’re eating a real burger, but giving you a little bit of a healthy kick. Eating red meat all the time is admittedly, not great for you. And don’t forget the impact it will have on the environment when you cut out more red meat from your diet.


Burger joints everywhere are working on their version of a blended option of an American classic – even Sonic! So run over to your local burger place and BEG them to get some kind of blend going.

Source: Huffington Post

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