Crayola New "Thank a Teacher" Contest!

While teachers hold one of the most important jobs out there, they don’t always get the credit and appreciation they deserve. Well, Crayola is out to change that. The company is once again launching their “Thank A Teacher” campaign, in an attempt to get one million thank yous for teachers.


Of course, some people need a little motivation to get to writing their teacher a thank you note, so the company is launching a new contest, which could result in the winner taking home over $20,000 in prizes for their family, teacher and school.

To enter, families need to create a handmade thank-you note for teachers, and upload them here from now through August 25th. The notes will be evaluated on creativity, originality, inspiration and intelligibility, with ten finalists winning a $10,000 classroom makeover for a teacher, a one-year supply of Crayola products for their school, a $1,000 scholarship for the student and more. Then one of those finalists will earn the grand prize, of having their thank you note featured on a holiday box of Crayola Crayons.

Source: Crayola

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