One Orange A Day Could Save Your Eyes!

If you really want to get into good eating habits – you should start with oranges. It’s so easy to have a glass of OJ in the morning, an orange after dinner, or a mimosa with brunch. Okay, so maybe the mimosas don’t REALLY count – but they must count for something, right??

According to the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” eating just one orange a day can really help out your eyes. We spend so many hours of the day staring at computer screens and phone screens. Our eyes need all the love they can get! And the oranges? They’ll decrease the chance of your eyes going out by 60% if eaten weekly. And if you eat them daily? You’re almost in the clear from future eye problems caused by screens.

It’s all about the vitamins A, C and E. Load up, folks!

Source: Bustle

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