VA Man Calls Cops After Being Fouled In Basketball!


A friendly pickup game at an LA Fitness in Virginia took a hard turn after a player called sheriff’s deputies for being fouled.


Town Center. The man who shared the photo didn’t want to use his name, but told FOX 5 the man who called the police also happens to be a regular and has played basketball in the facility many times.

He said the man who called authorities was being blocked by an opposing player, the man wearing the tattoo sleeves, which resulted in him falling to the floor.

According to the witness, the man who fell was extremely upset and told the other player he was calling the police.

FOX 5 obtained the call to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, which was made by a front desk worker at the gym. She told the dispatcher the gym member was assaulted on the basketball court.

The sheriff’s office said neither man wanted to file a formal report. Perhaps most bizarre about the incident was that after deputies left, the two men returned to finish the game.

Source: FOX

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