Couple Serves Food Meant For The Trash At Their Wedding!

Most couples will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on fancy catering for their wedding, which most guests will likely forget about the next day. Well, one couple in England spent barely anything on their wedding food, and we bet it’s something their guests will never forget. That’s because they served them food destined for the garbage bin.

Cherie Harris and James Mainwaring wanted to have a very environmentally-friendly wedding, so they enlisted the food waste charity The Real Junk Food Project to cater their bash. The menu was made up of items that supermarkets, sandwich chains and fast food outlets must throw out due to health and safety regulations, although they are still perfectly fine for folks to eat.


Guests had no idea that they were getting food destined for the trash bin, with the menu consisting of spinach and chickpea curry, chicken and bacon pies, sausage and bean cassoulet, ratatouille, cold meats and pickles, a cheese board, oven roasted thyme and lemon chicken and more, with a donut tower for dessert. 

The couple actually didn’t tell anyone where the food came from until after they ate, and apparently nobody got mad. "We wanted the food to speak for itself,” the bride shares. "They were very surprised but also very impressed. The food was absolutely beautiful and really made our day.” 

Not a single item on offered was actually purchased by the Real Junk Food Project, which translated into huge savings for the couple, who only spent less than $8 a person to feed their guests, while helping the environment.

Source: The Mirror

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