Baby Born At Chick-Fil-A Gets Free Nuggets For Life!

When expecting mom Falon Griffin started having contractions, she and her hubby Robert decided to head to the hospital. On their way, the couple stopped at a Chick-fil-A parking lot in San Antonio, Texas to drop off their two daughters with a family friend. Mom had to use the restroom, like pregnant women tend to do, and went inside before going to the hospital, but they never made it.

Instead, baby Gracelyn was born inside the fast food chain’s restroom, delivered by her dad. And get this, three months before their little bundle of joy arrived, her parents bought a pink onesie that reads “Little Nugget.” It’s like they sealed her fate with that outfit.


Falon had to be let inside the bathroom by an employee because the restaurant was closed at the time, and when she realized her baby was not going to wait to get to the hospital, the store manager, Brenda Enriquez, got some towels and Robert told his wife they were having their baby right there. And dad did a great job, even without medical training. He was able to get her umbilical cord, which was wrapped around her neck twice, free and deliver her safely.

Gracelyn was able to wear her “little nugget” onesie for the first time when EMTs arrived and brought them to the hospital. And the best part? Franchise owners offered Gracelyn food from Chick-fil-A for life, a Chick-fil-A themed first birthday party, and guaranteed her a job when she turns 14. Sweet perks for that “little nugget.”

Source: PopSugar

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