Women Going Bankrupt Fighting Breast Cancer!

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis can be scary, but these days it certainly isn’t fatal. But what folks probably aren’t telling you is that the treatment that will save your life, may also bankrupt you.

A new report by researchers at University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center reveals that 38% of breast cancer patients are left worried about finances. In general, 14% of women surveyed say they lost more than 10% of their household income fighting cancer, with 17% spending 10% of their income on out-of-pocket medical expenses for their treatment.


The report also reveals that African Americans and Latinas have the biggest financial worries, with some losing their homes, having utilities shut off or even having to cut back on food in order to afford their treatment.

And if that isn’t already bad enough, most patients say their doctors are no help, with 73% of those with financial problems because of treatment saying they didn’t get any aid from their doctor’s office.

Source: New York Post

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