Women Tend To Get Stuck With "Housework" Tasks At Work!

Are you the person at work who always volunteers to throw parties or set up meetings? Well, chances are you’re a woman and you should probably stop it because it won’t get you anywhere in your career.

In fact, a new survey finds that women are more likely to volunteer for such “non-promotable” work tasks; things that are considered office “housework” that involve low skill and are routine and don’t contribute to someone’s performance evaluation and career advancement. Such tasks include organizing holiday parties, and even filling in for a colleague, or serving on a committee.

The study, published in the "Harvard Business Review," finds that women are 48% more likely to volunteer for these tasks than men. In general, not only are women more likely volunteer, they are more likely to be asked to do them, and when asked they are most likely to say yes.

Researchers found that when in a work group of both men and women, women were asked to do these tasks 44% more often than men, regardless of whether a manager is a male or female. And while men are willing to accept such assignments, they did so only about 44% of the time, while women did them 76% of the time.

Source: Moneyish

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