Leeches Fixed This Woman's Nose Job!


When Shari Manchon turned 40, she wanted a nose job. The makeup artist from Palm Beach, Florida had the surgery after not being satisfied with the appearance of her nose and says she was initially pleased with the $19-grand nose jobe, but then her cosmetic surgeon persuaded her to have a revision on the tip of her nose and things went downhill from there.

After the second schnoz surgery, lack of blood circulation made Manchon look like “the toucan on the Froot Loops cereal box.” The post-op “deformity” caused the tip of her nose to turn black, and then the cartilage slowly collapsed and resembled a parrot’s beak. She says she tried to hide it with concealer, but being a beauty pro, she wanted to get it fixed.

And she was understandably hesitant to go back to her original doc who botched the job, so she flew to LA and met with plastic surgeon Donald Yoo. He told her a third surgery would do more harm than good, but recommended leech therapy. Manchon was hesitant, but says, “as soon as the leeches were on my face, I relaxed.”

She had two sessions with leech specialist Irina Brodsky and the little blood suckers cleaned her up and released a coagulant that increased circulation in her nose, reducing the discoloration and fixing what Manchon calls “the Michael Jackson scenario.” And it only set her back $550. Now she’s happy with her nose and is back to doing the work she loves, all thanks to a few leeches.

Source: New York Post

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