We Stress About Money A Lot!

It's no secret that money can cause some major stress for folks, and a new survey reveals just how bad things can get.

A poll by TD Bank finds that 34% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with finances a major cause of stress for most folks. Overall, anxiety about retirement is the biggest financial stressor (18%), followed by not being able to provide for their family (14%) and not being able to pay off debt (12%).

And when it comes to relationships, money can come between partners quite easily. While 60% of those in committed relationships say they talk about money with their significant other at least once a week, one third of married couples say they actually argue about money at least once a month.

As if proof money problems can be a major problem in a relationship, 44% of divorced couples say they had money-related arguments during their marriage. On the bright side, 42% of divorcees say their financial well-being improved after their divorce, with 43% of women and 42% of men seeing an improvement.

Interestingly, when it comes to money and dating, it seems a lot of old fashioned rules still apply. For example, 84% of committed men say they picked up the bill on the first date, while 63% of committed men say they pay for all meals and drinks. What’s more, only 32% of couples split the bill on a regular basis. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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