Women Do No Like Their Aging Hands!

There are some people who believe you can tell a person’s age by looking at their hands, which may be why a lot of women are unhappy with how their hands look.

A new survey by Nestle Skin Health finds that 78% of women 40 and older wish they could change the way their hands look, while 60% have been so self-conscious they’ve actually done something about it and 63% women are interested in having some kind of non-surgical cosmetic procedure or treatment to improve their appearance. 

As for what specifically bothers women about their hands, 85% say they’ve seen signs of aging as they grow older, with 65% believing their hands make them look older than they actually are. Even worse, 56% of people say they’ve mistaken someone for being older because of their hands’ appearance. 

And women are so concerned about their aging hands that they do what they can to hide them. In fact,  50% say they are likely to use a filter to improve their hands’ appearance before posting a photo on social media.

Source: 4-traders.com

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