Get Full Lashes Without Mascara Or Falsies!

Mascara is a major part of the makeup market, and according to a new report by Business of Fashion, it’s the beauty industry’s largest category. Companies sold $8.1-billion worth of mascara last year, but the report also points out that lash lifts and extensions could be taking over the mascara category.


Some of us have two or three mascaras in our makeup bags at any given time because we like different formulas to do different things and we’re not always satisfied with the one we buy. Plus, we’re actually supposed to toss mascara six months after its opened, so we need to replace them more often than some other makeup. And that’s just part of the reason lash treatments, like lifts, tinting and extensions are becoming so popular.


The treatments may take more time than a few swipes with the mascara wand, but they last for months and save women time getting ready. Sarah Jindal, senior beauty analyst at Mintel, explains, “People are willing to invest a little bit more in going and getting a lash lift or lash extensions, because they know it then makes their routine in the morning that much easier.”

Plus, fans of the procedures say they give more natural-looking lashes without any makeup. While some of us are hesitant to have any work done on or near our eyes, lash services and treatments are now at an all-time high.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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