Family Stunned By Delivery Guy's Piano Skills!


Bryce Dudal is going viral for showing off his piano skills while delivering pizza.

An eighteen-year-old from Michigan, was bringing Julie Varchetti and her husband the pizza they ordered. He noticed a piano in their house and was invited to play by Varchetti's husband.

The Facebook post has been shared over 5,000 times and has over 2,000 likes. In her post, Varchetti said:

Hubby ordered Hungry Howies tonight (Which we never do because I’m obsessed with Jets, but I wasn’t home) for the kiddos and the delivery guy noticed our piano. He kindly asked if he could play for a sec and this is the treat they got!!!! Figures I wasn’t home. 😱😯😲😮😳 Says he’s self taught. His name is “Bryce”. What talent! What is he playing???


Apparently he is self taught and hopefully this video can help him get out of pizza delivery scene!

Source: Circa

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