New Numberless Scale Uses Color To Track Weight!

Anyone who’s tried to lose weight is probably familiar with the tyranny of the scale. It can feel like a guessing game, trying to discern why after a day of working out and eating healthy, the scale says you’ve gained two pounds, while after a day of Netflix and popcorn, you’ve lost a pound. A new product called Shapa aims to break our numbers fixation with a scale that doesn’t display your weight at all.


Shapa’s program also includes an app with sophisticated feedback—is its numbers-free scale that provides feedback via a color of light: blue means you’re on track with your weight-loss goals; dark gray means you’re not. 

The aim is to ignore the daily fluctuations that tip our weight a few pounds in each direction and pay attention to our longer-term trajectory. Shapa uses an algorithm that analyzes your last three weeks of data to tell you whether your weight is moving outside of its normal daily range (maybe a few pounds up or down). That’s why you’ll have to step on a scale for almost two weeks before it can assess your “baseline” and start glowing in its different colors.

The device will set you back $99, plus you’ll have to sign up for a month-to-month ($9.99/month) or year-long ($7.95/month) app plan.


Source: The Takeout

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