Couple Wants Someone To Record Their Wedding Night!


Most couples can’t wait for their wedding night, when they finally get to have a private, romantic night together after their big day. Well, not this British couple who are reportedly looking for a videographer to film their wedding night activities.

The couple, who remain anonymous, posted an ad on offering to pay a little over $2,500 for a professional videographer between 1am and 3am on their wedding night. This wasn’t their only request either, in fact, the couple has apparently been eagerly searching for someone for the job since 2016, but to no avail.

The website’s co-founder Kai Feller says that wedding videographers are among the most popular categories on the site. “Obviously wedding night videography isn’t a service we explicitly offer on site, but hopefully one of our videographers is willing to help the couple out.” Do you think you’re right for the job? Register on and let them know!

Source: The Sun

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