Getting Drunk On A Plane Could Cost You!

Having to deal with a drunk and unruly passenger is a nightmare not only for flight attendants but for fellow passengers whose planes may be delayed or diverted because of the drunk passenger’s behavior. Well, now the UK is doing something about it. 

The British government has launched the “One Too Many” campaign which will slap drunk and disruptive passengers with fines in the amount of $105,000. The amount represents the cost airlines are forced to pay if they have to divert a plane because of a drunken passenger. And in addition to the fine, airlines can even ban a passenger for life because of their behavior.

Passengers will be warned of the possible fines on display boards posted throughout airports in the hopes of stopping the excessive drinking before passengers get on flights. So far, airports participating in the plan include Manchester Airport Group, AGS Airports, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Gatwick.

Source: VinePair

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