You Will Have 36,000 Bad Skin Days In Your Lifetime!

While some people may seem to always have flawless skin, the truth is most folks will wake up now and again, or even always, with a bad skin day, and a new report reveals the shocking amount of those days people have each year.

A new survey reveals that Americans will have an average of five bad skin days each month, or 12 per year, which can translate to 3,600 over the course of their lifetime. Overall, 87% of Americans worry about their skin quality, with 48% worried on a regular basis. Not surprising, women tend to worry more about the health and appearance of their skin than men (50% vs. 43%). As for what they are most worried about, wrinkles tops the list, followed by dryness, sagginess and dark spots. 


Of course what causes these bad skin days depends on the person, but those polled blame stress the most, followed by lack of sleep and poor hydration.

Top Ten Factors Contributing To Poor Skin Health

  1. Stress

  2. Lack of sleep

  3. Poor hydration

  4. Poor diet/consuming certain foods (i.e. grease, sugar)

  5. Sweating too much

  6. Weather

  7. Too much sun

  8. Polluted environment

  9. Menstrual

  10. Not taking makeup off before going to bed

Source: SWNS Digital

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