Here Is How To Reduce Screen Time!

Let’s face it – looking at screens all day every day isn’t so great for us. It can damage your eyes and give you headaches. But there are things you can do to stop yourself from constantly looking at screens all day. Some of them may surprise you! 

Here’s what you should do:

  • Use your voice assistant so you never have to actually look at your screen to do things.

  • Delete your social media apps.

  • Go to the gym a bunch.

  • Have meetings in person instead of over the phone or on FaceTime.

  • Get a library card – and use it!

  • Call people instead of texting them.

  • Use a bullet journal instead of keeping lists in your phone.

  • Get rid of your data plan so you can’t use data.

  • Listen to a bunch of podcasts and audiobooks.

  • Leave your phone at home sometimes.

Reducing your screen time can be difficult when pretty much everything you do happens with a little blue light shining through it. But if you practice a bunch of these things every day, you’ll find your life isn’t impossible without a screen in your face all the time!

Source: PopSugar

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